Are you tired of washing your wigs in the sink? Getting them tangled and destroying their shape? Creating a hazard dripping water across your floor as you search for somewhere for them to dry?

Well, those days are OVER with

The Wig Queen™ Maintenance and Storage System

The Shower Baby™ is used for washing your wigs and it suctions to the shower wall. The Door Baby™ is used for storing your wigs and it anchors to any size door.

Both use the same Butterfly Pod™… wash, air dry, and store.  It’s just that simple!

CrowdFunding Campaign

We are launching a MASSIVE marketing and crowdfunding campaign to bring the Wig Queen™ Maintenance and Storage System to life, and we need you to be a part of it. This patent-pending design will revolutionize wig maintenance and storage.

Client Reviews

“I love it!  Investing into the Wig Queen was the right decision for me, as it will solve all my wig-related issues.” -V.D.

“Convenient and user-friendly. This is exactly what I need for my wigs.” -G.B.

“One of the best wig rack systems that I’ve ever seen. I recommend it for all you ladies with beautiful wigs” -M.C.

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